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No need to re-cable: can use the existing emergency phone line in the lift.
Long distance transmission: up to 500m (same height as Taipei 101) and no extra signal booster required.
Digitalize environment with network: streaming for surveillance cameras and playing multimedia in live.
Easy installation: No software and setup required
Cut down cost for cabling as well as construction time




PMC200 Modules Structure (Lift Machine Room & Inside Lift)


Features Noise-Free feature for Elevator and Tunnel application
Transmission rate and distance 95 Mbps / 200M ; 20 Mbps / 1500M
I/O Terminal block for phone line / RJ-45
Ethernet 10 / 100Mbps
Power Consumption Max. 4.2W 5V 2A DC
Dimension 126 (W) * 95 (D) * 30(H) mm
Weight 311± 5 g
Material Metal Cover
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