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Plug & Play
Long transmission distance, within 1.5 Kilo Meters no repeater is required
Bandwidth support up to 33 IP Cams within the distance of 200 meters, 6 ~ 8 cameras within 1.5 KM
Support long distance/power unreachable. (Road, Bridge)
Support high interference environment. (Elevator, Tunnel)
RS-485 integration for entrance, fire or alarm control.
Modular design, quick installation and cost reduction in wiring.
Use phone line/cable system. Compatible to existing phone and cable system.




Cost effective
PMC provides the advantage of low cost in physical layer design of network surveillance and management. The reason for such design
reducing the required cost is that the video & audio transmission is done via the legacy coaxial cable or telephone line. Thus, installation
of PMC is quite straightforward and cost effective on cabling; no additional cables are required.

Simple Installation
No software/driver installation is required; simply plug and ply. It is compatible with any network protocol. PMCs are applied in pairs.
Each PMC has one connection to its opposite PMC and the other connection (RJ45) to the network devices. Therefore, by bridging an
existed connection, it is just as straight RJ45 to RJ45 connection. No MAC or IP address is required to set for PMC.

Distance and bandwidth
Measuring by the official bandwidth meter, Smart Bits, PMC in the transmission distance of 1.5KM (1500 meters) can still keep in
25 ~ 30 Mbps. Upon this condition, the bandwidth is plenty for video transmission of 8 IP cameras (calculated by 3 Mbps bandwidth
required for each camera). In addition, as the plenty of bandwidth it also supports the transferring of high definition television (HDTV)
signal which is applicable to those video & audio service providers.

Environmental application
By applying the existed cables, PMC can meet the requirements of interference-resistant (tunnels, lifts) or distancing (countryside, villages,
bridges). Furthermore, the RS485 compliant model can integrate with the functions of fire, entrance, alarm, control management and etc.

IP cam with Ethernet cable

Transmission distance is limited, up to 100 meters.
Ethernet cable is improbable for outdoor usage.

IP cam with PMC

Transmission distance can be extended over 1 KM.
Broad band (100Mbps) can support for multiple IP cams input.
Telephone line / coaxial can be more probable for outdoor usage.


Model Name
Dimension 126(W)*95(D)*30(H)(mm) 126(W)*95(D)*30(H)(mm)
Weight 311±5g 311±5g
LED Indicators Green-PW for power     
Green-Link for data link
Power Consumption Max. 4.2W 5V 2A DC Max. 4.2W 5V 2A DC
Ethernet 10/100 10/100
I/O Terminal block for phone line / RJ-45 BNC 75 ohm connector / RJ-45
Transmission rate and distance 94Mbps/200m 94Mbps/200m
Features Long Distance
2.High BW
1.Analogue cam Upgrade
Application Road/Bridge Airport/society/ Community/museum
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